schooner wharf bar key west storm

'Batten down the hatches!'    36x18  Oil on Canvas.   Private collection.

  The Schooner Wharf bar in Key West. Colorful and lively with live music spilling across the water. I was painting from a dock and noticed that all the boaters around me suddenly got busy adding extra dock lines and batting down anything that moved. The clouds that you see in the background turned out to be a front moving in from the SW and within minutes of this stage of the painting the wind hit hard and sudden, blowing it off my easel and into the water where it was retrieved by a guy in a dinghy just before it sank! Rain came in sideways as I struggled to fold up my easel and gear and tourists were scrambling for cover. An exciting end to a relaxing day of painting!


bahama village key west rooster

'Petronia St. Rooster'

18"x24" Private collection.

   I did many paintings in and around Bahama Village as do many other painters who see the special fabric this little neighborhood has. The green building was my first home in Key West. The rooster in the foreground owned this corner.



  painting ofSt. Augustine restaurant - santa maria

'Santa Maria'   20"x40"   Private collection.

Over the intercostals waterway in St Augustine , Florida. Everywhere you turn around here looks like a painting. This is my first in the Nations oldest city.


'High wire'



This is really a painting about adolescence. Watching my oldest son navigate between child and adulthood and relating it to my own high wire act. I left this painting at a consignment shop and lost track of it. I hope it's found a good home.

young tight rope walker
sailboat anchored near bridge in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

 'Old Ft. Lauderdale Bridge'


     Private collection

     I finished this painting just as the rain you see in  the distance reached my spot. I was folding up my stuff when a couple got out of a cab with bags of groceries and hurried to their inflatable dinghy anchored at a near by dock. In the rush to beat the rain I regret we didn't meet. I watched them from my van as they loaded their bags on to their boat in the rain.



'Three Generations'

20"x40" Oil on canvas

Private collection.

These are the reasons I love to paint. This started out to be a simple painting of an old abandoned rusty and overgrown bike that was chained to the wooden fence right outside my door in Bahama Village. I planned on throwing out some rice to sketch some chickens in the foreground. But, it was Sunday morning and these three elegant ladies were on their way to church. I saw them coming and had just enough time to snap a bad picture and make some quick notes with my brush. I painted over the bicycle and fed the chickens anyway. I love this painting.


three generations of black women going to church
painting of girl practicing violin

'Violin Practice'


Private collection.

My daughter can actually learn things by practicing in her head while she naps. Her music teacher thought she practiced diligently. This is the only painting I have ever regretted selling.


'St. Augustine Cat'

8"x10" Oil on canvas.

Private collection.

I was asked by a friend to paint this significantly historic building for a gift to his wife. The cat stole the show.


historic building in st. augustine and cat