90 Miles to Cuba


Oil on canvas.

Private collection.

There are many Cuban families in Key West that have been there for generations, mostly from the days of the Cigar industry. Cuba’s political and economic situation is heart breaking. Many Cubans who escape the island land in the Florida Keys and the stories they bring are often dramatic and tragic. The Cubans strongly love their culture and most of them would say they are nostalgic for their lovely homeland. Norma arrived on a boat three years prior to this painting. Most of her family remains on the island.



Private collection.

I’m so glad I painted this old boat. It had been abandoned at the boat yard for years and was in sad shape. A week after painting it I heard it was hauled to the dump.

Captain and Jib


Oil on Canvas

Private collection.

These two were a familiar site in Key West. I was two days in a row painting a house and they would pass by me right around 4pm. I snapped a couple shots and started a sketch. The third day they came by just like clockwork and I quickly laid in some more details. I put the painting aside intending to do more to it but forgot about it. It was found in my studio by some one who fell in love with it as is, and to my surprise, it looked finished to me as well!

Letters and Wine

36″x 24″

Oil on Canvas


This painting was purchased by this model’s daughters and given to her as a birthday gift. At their request we added the family cat on the couch which gave it an interesting psychology. Unfortunately I did not photograph it with the cat and two years later the painting was destroyed by a jealous boyfriend.

Tug Boat

12″ x 15″

Private Collection

No one around all day! The water was choppy and the tug boat was perky, pulling at it’s leash and bobbing up and down. By late afternoon it had calmed and floated there smiling at the sun.

Stacey's Dream

20″ x 30″

Oil on canvas

Private Collection

A depiction of a friends dream as described in lengthy detail.

The Last thing I remember

15″ x 24″

Oil on canvas

Private Collection

The title says it all. It was Goombay Fest. in Key West. I painted this the next day through a painful headache.

Woman to Woman

16″ x 20″

Oil on canvas

Private Collection of a Dear Friend

This painting was done on a lonely day at Flagler beach on Florida’s east coast. It was a Wednesday, kind of chilly and not a soul in sight. I sat and painted clouds as they danced by and I changed everything several times. As I was putting away my paints, I look up and this woman was there contemplating the shore. This is one of those great surprises painting from life brings. I painted her in quickly, it was exciting how perfect she was. She turned to leave just as the water ran past my easel and soaked my bags. It was like the ocean said “OK …this painting is done – go now.”

Blue Heaven Noon

20″ x 24″

Oil on canvas

Private Collection

A magical spot in Key West that is often painted. Earnest Hemingway used to spar here. There was a bordello and gambling hall and a cockfight arena. It was a feature set in the ‘Key West’ TV Series and is presently a unique and delicious restaurant which hosts many community events, art showings and live music. A very special place.

Cow Key Channel

18″ x 20″

Private Collection

Cow Key Channel between Key West and stock Island. Some interesting live aboard rigs anchored out there. The wind was finally dying down and the air felt crispy.

Violin Practice

20″ x 24″

Private Collection.

My daughter can actually learn things by practicing in her head while she naps. Her music teacher thought she practiced diligently. This is the only painting I have ever regretted selling.


Petronia St.

18″ x 24″

Private Collection

  I did many paintings in and

around Bahama Village as do

many other painters who see

the special fabric this little

neighborhood has. The green

building was my first home

in Key West. The rooster in

the foreground owned this